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What is the effect of different choices of gas and pressure on the quality of laser cutting

What is the effect of different choices of gas and pressure on the quality of laser cutting? Sponge cutter manufacturers for you to introduce.

In laser cutting, different cutting gases are selected according to the different material of the cutting plate. The selection of gas and pressure has a great influence on the quality of laser cutting.

Can not meet the impact of production efficiency.

3) When the pressure of cutting gas is too high, the cutting quality will be affected: the cutting surface is rough and the cutting seam is wider; at the same time, the cutting section will melt partly, which will not form a good cutting section.

The influence of cutting gas pressure on perforation

1) When the gas pressure is too low, the laser is not easy to penetrate the cutting plate, and the drilling time increases, resulting in low productivity.

2) When the gas pressure is too high, the penetration point melts, forming a larger melting point, thus affecting the quality of cutting.

3) In laser drilling, high gas pressure is usually used for thin plate drilling, while special drilling method is used for thick plate drilling to eliminate the disadvantageous factors of low gas pressure on lens protection.

4) The thicker the material thickness is, the lower the pressure of cutting gas is. And in cutting

Effect of Cutting Gas and Pressure on Cutting Quality

1) Cutting gas is helpful to heat dissipation and combustion, blow off the melting stain, and obtain a better cutting section.

2) When the pressure of cutting gas is insufficient, it will have the following effects on cutting quality: melting during cutting, cutting speed.

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