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Machinery and Equipment Knowledge: Different Applications of Different Sponge Cutting Machines

Now science and technology are more and more developed, the types of machinery and equipment are also more and more widely used in various industries, such as sponge cutter types are more specific. Our human application is also growing, you must have seen such mechanical equipment as sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine, mattress rimming machine. Today Xiaobian is going to introduce different applications of different sponge cutting machines.

If it is only sliced or sliced, it can be used for mattress and mattress, cleaning and medicine, and the sponge processing on furniture will also be equipped with this equipment. If it is to process various shapes of soft sofa furniture, cushions, pyramids, cylindrical seat packs and other products, this equipment will not be able to complete the corresponding work. At this time, CNC special-shaped sponge cutting controlled by computer is needed. It's done by machine. NC special-shaped sponge cutting machine can be used to cut sponge, recycled cotton, composite sponge, latex sponge, slow rebound, high rebound sponge, ring knife sponge NC machine can also cut EVA foam with low density, and the processing speed is also very fast.

This special-shaped sponge mechanical equipment is designed with higher power than ordinary flat cutting machine and vertical cutting machine, and some of the design principles and process requirements are very high. The motor configuration and electrical components, all kinds of precision accessories are imported with high performance, so the cost of use is relatively high.

Ordinary sponge cutter is commonly referred to as sponge flat cutter, sponge vertical cutter, sponge disc cutter, etc. At this stage, special-shaped sponge cutter is mainly vibration cutter NC special-shaped sponge cutter and circular cutter special-shaped NC sponge cutter.

The difference between the two is that the former is simply slicing or processing square sponge, while the latter not only has the function of the former, but also has the advantage of processing all kinds of sponge products we need, and the application fields are more extensive, such as furniture, packaging, shoes, daily chemicals, automotive supplies, clothing and so on.

After reading the above introduction, do you know more about the different applications of sponge slitter? Nowadays, there are many kinds of sponge machinery and equipment. We need to buy products suitable for our own factory. Good machinery and equipment can produce good products. Choose good quality sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foaming machine to find us.

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