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Five Application Trends of Motor in Medical Industry--Sponge Cutting Machine Network

Five application trends of motors in the medical industry, today we will learn with the sponge cutting machine network knitting together. Here are five main types of medical motors and drivers that improve people's lives and health.

Reduction motors help people in wheelchairs enjoy freedom and "walk" normally on the road. Taking the unique all-terrain wheelchair as an example, it uses multi-wheel caterpillar instead of wheel, all driven by gear motor. It can pass through fields, forests and even streams. This opens up a series of cross-country mobile solutions.

RAD36 rectangular deceleration motor drive track chair. It allows tracked wheelchairs to load 350 pounds at speeds of up to 5 miles per hour and to pass through slopes, hollows, gravel roads and other special conditions.

Medical motors are very important for pumps used in many modern medical devices. They can provide cooling capacity and accurately measure fluids, gases and medicines.

CT scanner: Computerized tomography scanner can perform fast, high resolution scanning and three-dimensional imaging of human body. Many CT scanners require centrifugal pumps to circulate coolant to maintain the temperature of the scanner's X-ray system. Usually, the brushless DC motor with integrated driver can reliably supply power to the pump.

Dialysis: The hemodialysis system needs reliable peristaltic pumps to allow the patient's blood and dialysate to pass through the machine's dialyzer accurately. In these life-giving machines, high-precision brushless motors operate reliably and quietly.

CPAP: CPCP machines have solved sleep apnea in millions of patients with debilitating diseases. Modern CPAP is very compact and quiet. Some CPAP are battery powered. The core of CPAP is a high dynamic blower, which is usually powered by a brushless DC motor.

Usually referred to as surgical robots, in fact should be called surgical assisted surgery robots. Because surgeons guide such robots remotely. This way can reduce trauma and make patients more comfortable.

The operating speed of surgical robots increases by 25% annually. It has also been proved that surgical robots can help reduce the risk and complications associated with open surgery, and make more patients enjoy the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. Surgical robots can use smaller surgical instruments and make smaller incisions than surgeons.

These precise surgical systems promote the customization of frameless moment motors of various diameters and motion solutions for surgical robots. In order to provide better performance where it is most needed, surgical robotic engineers use flexible and innovative mechanical design to achieve more efficient, durable surgery and cooler equipment.

Artificial limbs are used in various situations, such as accidents, diseases, congenital defects, war injuries, etc. Today, bionic limbs of human muscles, bones and nervous systems have been developed, and they are used more and more naturally under the control of motion control.

Motion control engineers have been working with developers of such amazing prostheses, such as power-Knee engines and full-function prostheses.

Surgical hand motor is a high-power device, but it needs to be small, portable and efficient - which is difficult to achieve in most engine designs. Miniature slotless and slotted brushless motors can supply power for these manipulators. These motors meet and often exceed the requirements of industrial surgery, providing accuracy and efficiency at speeds up to 100,000 RPM or higher.

The above is about the motor in the medical industry five application trends of knowledge introduced. Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. provides sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine, mattress rim machine, sponge production line, spring viscose machine, PU sponge machine and other products for you, friends in need can call to understand.

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